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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

#SDCC Morgan Spurlock – it works out – if you have a little patience II

Again, on Preview Night I visited a booth that was having a signing. They told me if I bought Morgan Spurlock’s book I would get an autograph.  At the time they said it only the books they sold there would be signed.
So I ask if I could buy a book. Two of the three booth girls nodded yes. I pull out my money and was told I couldn’t buy it NOW as it was Preview Night. I’d have to come back tomorrow.  Yes, I pouted. I stuck my bottom lip out and gave them sad puppy eyes. The girls in the booth were cute and it doesn’t hurt show your vulnerable side.
The next morning I wandered over and pulled out my money and was told, again, I couldn’t buy a book now because they were waiting for the day of the signing. Yes, I pouted again and they did remember from the night before.
The day of the signing I get over to the booth to buy a copy before they sellout.  And AGAIN, I’m told they didn’t like my money.  This time I was little miffed but I hid it behind a mock tear and left.
I came back an hour before the signing and I was greeted with smiles and a ’why yes, we will take your money’.  Now I told I couldn’t leave if I bought a book.  I needed to stand in line. A line that was only 3 people.  I told them I’d come back. They said they might sell out.  At this point I’m wondering if it’s worth the effort.
I came about 30 minutes later. The line had doubled in size. And now apparently I could bring my own book or DVD or action figure or whatever. C’est la Vie. It’s not worth the stress. It’s ComicCon and this happens all of the time.
As I waited, they had us line up in front of the entrance of the booth. A tactical mistake.  The few people that wanted to enter couldn’t. The few people that wanted to escape were trapped.
The designated time came and Morgan Spurlock showed up. He did a very minimal meet and greet with the booth people and started right into the signing.  He has very ardent fans. They wanted to talk and he listened. Luckily I was only 6 people back so the wait wasn’t too long.
I had nothing for him. No clever bon mot. No conversation starter. Nada.  And oh yes, he could tell in my eyes as I approached my bag of tricks was empty. He shook my hand and said hello. Now is the time the muses often whisper something in my ear, the zero hour where I can play trump and win the day.
Nope. Nothing. He signed. I said thanks. I left.
But I got my book and it’s signed. In the end that’s all that matters.

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