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Friday, August 3, 2012

#SDCC autograph tip

The convention floor is huge.
A lot of guests are not just there for just one thing.
If someone is signing, then they are most likely signing elsewhere on the floor or somewhere else in the city.
Do some research and if you miss out at one event, there most likely will be other chances of success.
More importantly, in my mind, you might find the signer at a location that isn’t as well publicized.
Both Morgan Spurlock and Gene Simmons were signing at several booths over the course of the convention. Some were big corporate booth that did a lot of publicity.  Some booths weren’t as well-traveled or as affective at publicizing the event. 
Instead of fighting the crowds and taking a chance with a raffle/lottery, I purchased an item that more or less locked in my chance of getting the signature.
Look for signings at smaller booths.
Look to purchase an item (book, action figure, DVD) to ensure your chance of meeting the celeb and getting the signature.
Even after the frustrations of getting both of those autographs, I still saved time and wasted less time adding to my collection.


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