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Monday, August 27, 2012

#SDCC Butch Patrick

I missed out on Butch Patrick a few times over the years.  Best laid plans and all of that.  Since one of my autograph friends asked for a signature too, I made this a higher priority.
Luckily Butch was scheduled throughout the show so I had plenty of opportunities.  I also know that Best Laid Plans is a corollary to Murphy’s Law.  Getting him on Thursday would be ideal.  Also my friend wanted him to sign a baseball so the sooner I get that done, the sooner I can stop carrying the extra weight.
My autograph friend has been collecting for decades. He did the photo thing forever. He literally got bored with that. The advantage of the baseball is you are always prepared. You don’t spend hours searching for an ideal photo to get printed and signed. If someone unexpected shows up, you already have an item to get signed. The negatives are its more expense and take sup more space and some celebs refuse to sign a baseball.
I walked up and Patrick looked up and quickly said ‘hi’.  He stood and we shook hands.    I told him I needed 2 things. A photos signed and a ball.  He didn’t hesitate and said yes. He told me he never did a ball before. He actually gave me a discount on the ball because he thought it was neat.
It was quick and painless and I’m sure he chuckled over the baseball a few times later that day.


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