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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

#SDCC and Dr Who

By Sunday I was pretty worn out. I had a huge blister on my foot and I was limping more than normal and I was short on sleep.  So I slept in on Sunday.  The wife and I got to the convention center about 8AM.
Already the line for the Dr Who and Supernatural autograph raffle was long -thousands of people long.  I gave up before I even began. I joined my wife for the Hall H line where the Supernatural and the Dr Who panels were to take place.  
I was hoping to also see the Fringe panel too but the line was too long and slow.  We did JUST make it into the hall as Supernatural started.  I was happy.  I really enjoy the show and while the wife doesn’t watch it she was entertained by the panel’s humor.
Afterward we stayed for the Dr Who panel.  It panel was fun and bittersweet. We already knew that Amy and Rory were leaving the show.  Personally, I like them more than I like the current Doctor. I think Amy is a strong character and extremely likeable.  (The wife elbows me and wants me to add – she’s cute too and that I always had a think for ‘Gingers’.) Rory you can’t help but like because he has waited 2000 years for Amy. 
We were treated with previews and teasers.  We laughed. We smiled and left anxious for the new series.  My day was complete.  We had no plans after the panels.  I thought I would walk the expo floor and see what swag I could bring home. Since I had nothing planned, I could take my time and not stress the already painful foot.
As we walked through the autograph area I saw a friend.  This isn’t any ordinary friend. This is one of the people that have helped me so much in the past; and again this year.  I must admit they have gone over the top with help. So Ange was sitting and waving at me. I see her and we sat together. I asked where the hubby was. She causally mentioned he’s in the Dr Who line.
I’m a little nonplused. They mentioned they didn’t follow the show and they weren’t even planning on being at ComicCon on Sunday.  They made a special effort to get up early and stand in line. I’ll also admit I was jealous that they got an autograph ticket. But I really can’t complain but I made my decision to sleep in.
I saw the hubby in line waved.  My wife joined us. We just chatted and enjoyed the fact we were sitting. As we waited, the hubby found out that the Dr Who show doesn’t provide items to get signed. 
This is the worst nightmare for any hound. You are suddenly unprepared and stuck in a line you really can’t leave to do a search.  After Ange got a call about needing an item, she dashed off to search for something/anything.  I gave her a hint and I actually went off to try to find something for the husband too. I struck out. I texted her about my failure and she texted me back that she found something.
The cast arrived and the crowd roared. Cameras flashed and the crowded swelled to twice its size. It was odd being on the outside.  I could just catch a glimpse of Karen Gillan, Matt Smith, Arthur Darvill, and Steven Moffet.
When the signing was over the hubby showed me his items.  While they were only signing 2 items per person, he got an extra item signed because he had something no one else did: A photo of the new companion. As I looked over the signed comic book, he casually mentioned I could have that.
I know I smiled ear to ear. After the obligatory, ‘Are you sure?’, ‘Seriously?’  I gave the comic book one last glance and put it in my backpack so I won’t lose it.
While I am extremely lucky to be friends with these people, I have no idea why I’m so lucky. Again, I can’t complain.  I took them to dinner.  But really, a Dr Who autographed comic book is worth much more to me than a dinner.  I bet every Whovian out there will agree.

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