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Friday, August 31, 2012

#SDCC Lee Meriwether and Kathryn Leigh Scott

One of the things I love about the Program Guide at SDCC, is the Around the Booths section.  I had a short list of booth I know I’m going to visit on Preview Night to find out about signings. The Around the Booths section gives me more information about booths I might not have checked.
While I was planning visiting the Hermes Press booth to see what authors there were bringing, I saw I the Program Guide that they were also bringing a few celebrities. This made me happy as photos are lighter to carry than books.
Lee Meriwether was the first one I got.  I always enjoyed Time Tunnel and when I mentioned that, she said the cast was surprised when they were told the show was canceled. They learned about the cancellation soon after a party celebrating the season wrap.  That’s Hollywood. 
Even though I’m a Time Tunnel fan, I loved the Cat Woman photo and had her sign that. It was the best photo of her even with the mask on.

Also at the Herms booth was Kathryn Leigh Scott.  She recently wrote a book and while I was tempted to get that, the idea of carrying the extra weight tipped the scales and I just got the photo.   She did mention she enjoyed being in the new Dark Shadows movie with Johnny Depp.
I remember mom watching the TV series as a kid. None of it made sense to a 6 year old but I do remember bits and pieces.  So this was a nice nostalgic piece to pick up.


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