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Monday, September 3, 2012

#SDCC Emilie Ullerup

One of my favorite’s booths to visit at SDCC is the Holzheimer’s booth. They usually bring in 3 or 4 celebrities and their prices are reasonable. Also, even if there is a line for the guest, it moves fast.
So this time when I dropped by, Emilie Ullerup was there.  I remember her from Sanctuary. Since I choose this photo to get signed she told me about the weapon in her hand. Do I remember what it is? Sadly no. But she was happily excited about it. She asked if anyone on the set was using it. She called it her baby and took pride in learning how to use it.
Emilie was open and willing to chat about the show and her work. As always I try not to take too much of their time so I said thanks and good bye and moved on to another booth and signing.

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