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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

#SDCC and Kevin Bacon

There is no denying I was a leach this last trip to ComicCon.  It was not intentional.  And yes, I feel guilty. Not so guilty that I won’t show off a little. My friends that helped me with so many autographs this year also helped with this one.
I was having no luck at all with the Warner Brothers autographs.  In fact, I was having very little luck with any of the raffles.  So Ange gave me her wristband for The Following.  I took it. I shoved it my pockets and went on my business.
When it got to be time to line up I pulled the wristband out and flashed it. That caused some heartburn for someone. I was told I couldn’t be in line unless it was on my wrist.  They don’t want people buying and selling the autographs. I totally understand but I didn’t like it. Ange’s wrist is much smaller than mine and I couldn’t slide it on.
The wristband was a hard plastic and not very flexible.  It wasn’t going to stretch. It did have two snaps that secured it to the wrist. As I’m standing around, I thought I could break the first snap and that would give me the room to slide my wrist inside. Great plan and imperfect execution. While worrying about the time, the line, being seen monkeying around with the thing, I broke the snap of the outside snap.
That didn’t improve my ability to slide it on at all. Ugh. Sometimes I hate myself.  So I break the other snap with less subtlety as I figured they will see the damage and not let me line up anyway. I have nothing to lose.  I slide the bracelet on and get in line. I barely flashed it and I tried to act normal.
It's not really staying together as the snaps won’t work. If I had some glue things would be kosher…ish. But I just kept a low profile and waited. When it came time to cut it off, I used my other hand to hide the broken snaps and I pretend to be flexing the band to make more room for the scissors. The person doing the cutting never noticed the broken snaps and I walked up to the counter.
Of the 5 people that signed, only 2 of them I knew by sight.  The first was James Purefoy who was in HBO’s Rome.  I told him I loved Rome and got a great smile. I think that might be why I got a good signature from him.
The other of course was Kevin Bacon.  I was surprised Kevin Bacon would be in a TV series and also that he was at ComicCon.  There really isn’t a lot you can say to Kevin in a few seconds so I mumbled something about being very excited to see him and thanks for the autographs.
Two of the other signatures come from the writer, Kevin Williamson and director Marcos Siega.
The remaining signature is a mystery. 
Let me know if you know.


  1. The first person that signed was Shawn Ashmore. He played Iceman in the X-men trilogy.

    -Mark & Ange

  2. I'm so far behind on my blog, I never saw the comment. Thanks for the reading the blog, the autograph, and signature identification.