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Monday, September 17, 2012

#SDCC Salli Richardson-Whitfield and Debrah Farentino

The first time Salli Richardson-Whitfield and Debrah Farentino came out to sign it was a mob scene.  People were lined up for 30 minutes before the start. I was hustling off to another event when I passed both these women on their way to the signing table.
I didn’t recognize Debrah Farentino but I did recognize Salli Richardson-Whitfield. I saw her about 10 feet away and burst out in a big smile. Then I did something very silly. I stopped and waved like a 5 year seeing her favorite teacher.  There was no way Salli could ignore my 6 foot 250 pound presence so she smiled and waved and said ‘hi’. 
I then rushed off to wherever I needed to rush off to. Since I missed this opportunity and I saw the crowd waiting for them, I figured the next time they were scheduled to sign would be just as bad.  I had already written this off my wish list.
The next day I was again rushing off and I noticed the crowd was absent.  Just a few people were in line and the signing was scheduled to start in a few minutes.  I looked at the time and judged I could invest a few minutes if I could get to see these two quickly.
They arrived together and on time.  I had 5 people in front of me.  Before I could worry about what to say, I was standing in front of Salli.  I smiled.  She smiled. I tried to hide the heavy sigh of contentment.  I pointed to a photo.  She signed it.  I saw another photo and said it was cool. It was from the animated series she does a voice for.  She liked it too and said most people don’t realize she does that also.  She asked if I watched and I said no.  I told her it I also loved the animated episode of Eureka.
At this point I could feel the tick tock of time. I was drifting off the shoulder of the road with this conversation. I knew I spent my allotted time with her.  It was time to go before I made a fool of myself.
 I slid on over to Debrah.  The only thing I could say was I missed her character and I was happy they brought her back for a few episodes.  She had an intriguing character that I thought could have gone a lot of different places.  She of course agreed.
I then dashed off to wherever I needed to dash off to with a smile on my face because got two very cool signatures from Eureka.

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