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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#SDCC and Celeste Yarnall

There is no doubt I have a special place in my heart for Star Trek.  I have watched the episodes countless times in black and white.  Then I watched then countless times in color. Then I, of course, had to watch them a few times on video since they were uncut.
So actors and actresses from the show are always on my must have list even if they were in just one episode.  Often the lines are very short; which is means some quality time with the person.  Just looking over the photos at the table you quickly learn about their career.  A comment about a photo on the signing table will usually make the person sit back and want to share an anecdote or two.
Celeste Yarnall was at SDCC and in the Star Trek The Apple.  The photo I got signed was one I liked. If you have watched Star Trek as much as I have, you know the apples in the episode didn’t look like that.  I commented about the apple in the photo.  She said the hubby, who was with her at the table, photo shopped the picture. I can live with that.
We chatted some about other shows she did.  I had recently seen her in the Land of the Giants episode she was in. I told her how I watched the whole series on Netfix. She said that was a fun show to work on too.
As is often the case at SDCC, you have too much to do and not enough time.  I left with another Star Trek autograph and memory.


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