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Thursday, September 20, 2012

#SDCC and Sean Astin and Profiles in History

At SDCC, the Profiles in History booth brought in Sean Astin for a signing.  And as is often the case with a booth signing, it doesn’t get nearly the response it would if the signer was up in the Sails Pavilion. 
I visited the booth on Preview Night to get the 411. Sometimes you need to buy something or get a wristband or whatnot.  So I ended up chatting with a couple of the stars from the SyFy channel’s Hollywood Treasure.   This was cool but would have been much cooler if I got to see the female of the cast.  Maybe next time.
So the next morning I got in line for Sean Astin. I was maybe 10 people back. It helped that it’s Thursday and early and people haven’t gotten their bearing yet.  I could see he was taking his time and talking with people.  He had a few helpers with him and the line was constantly moving. 
I picked out a photo and paid my money. One of the handlers commented on my UofA shirt. I asked if he was going there. He said his grades were too good to go there.   Okay, tough crowd.  I laughed and asked where he was going. I don’t remember where it was. It wasn’t UofA so it’s not important.
Sean Astin looked up at that time and started in on the UofA bashing conversation.  He said he won’t let his kids go there.  We all laughed.  It wasn’t spiteful. Everyone has their favorite college. The comment did loosen everyone up. From the conversation, I gathered one of the helpers was a daughter of his. I asked since she was here, did that mean she was his favorite.  They both laughed.  He reached over and hugged her and said yes, she was.  She pushed him away and said he says that to each of them separately.  Then he quipped how it was true with her. And she quipped back; he also says that with each of them.
He asked if I wanted it personalized. He asked if I wanted it signed in a particular color.  He signed. He reached out and shook my hand. I said goodbye and left.
It was fun and relaxed and the way you want it with a big star.

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  1. Nice little interaction, sounds like a worthwhile experience, shame you still didn't meet Tracey, was curious at the lack of photos until I started reading.