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Monday, September 24, 2012

Stanley Love at FenCon

I can’t really say I attended FenCon. It’s a local SciFi literary convention. And while I really enjoy sci fi, these people make me feel like I don’t read enough or know enough about sci fi.  They are much more hardcore than I am; which is great. It's awesome people still work hard to put on these shows.
So I went to the show. I walked around a bit. Saw a lot of the same faces I have been seeing for the 20 years (yes, we are all getting older) and did some work and then left.
At FenCon; I got an autograph from NASA Astronaut Stanley Love. I have seen him at some Houston conventions but I never took the time to get his autograph.
His signing started and about 10 people were in line.  I knew they were would be the types that wanted to talk and get to ask their question that they knew was never asked before.  Hey, these are my people and I know how they think. I’m like that too.
So I wondered off and entertained myself for about 30 minutes. I can back the line was gone. I walked up and shook hands. He asked if I wanted a photo signed and I said yes. He asked my name and I gave it.
I asked if he was driving back that night.   He said yes. I assumed since he’s been at several Houston shows, he lived in Houston. He said he wanted to try to spend a little time with the family before Monday.  I totally understand. In fact, after I got his autograph I went home and just relaxed before I had to go back to work.
Autograph or blogger,  just because he rides a space shuttle for work doesn’t mean we aren’t all the same.


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