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Monday, December 17, 2012

Cokie Roberts UTA Maverick Lecture series 10/2012

When I was first becoming political aware, I ran across Cokie Roberts.  The way she spoke and her poise really impressed me.  As a neophyte to anything political, seeing her on This Week with David Brinkley showed me politics was not just for curmudgeonly old men.
So it was excited when I learned she was going to lecture at University of Texas Arlington.  Was exacted and it’s even better that the lecture was free and I had enough time to order a couple of her books though Amazon.
The lecture was interesting she made the audience laugh and think.  After she finished, she stayed to sign and about 40 people stood in line. I got my books and took a bad photo with my phone. I told her how much I enjoyed her with George Will and David Brinkley.  She smiled and thanked me for coming out.
The encounter was brief but I was extremely happy to have met her even though it was for a few seconds.


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