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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ralph Baskhi Fandays 2012

As usual, Fandays had a great guest list. I don’t give them enough credit for the guests they bring.  In some ways, I could skip SDCC.  One of those great guests was Ralph Baskhi.  He is a perennial SDCC attendee.  I’ll often walk pass his booth in San Diego and he’s either not there or there is a longer line than I want.  So I was very excited to see that he was coming to Dallas.
This is another time that planning ahead worked nicely for me. I ordered a couple of DVDs from Amazon and they arrived in plenty of time.  I ordered Wizards; a cult favorite and the first movie I saw when I went to college.  Wizards is a movie that I truly enjoyed for itself and also the fact that it was a bonding experience with a bunch of the guys in the dorm.
The other movie was American Pop. And since I’m disclosing so much of my inner psyche, this movie was my first date movie. It was in high school and with a young lady that way out of my league.
The line for Baskhi wasn’t long but it was slow. I was prepared to wait. I did have to listen to the guys running the booth tell us several times that they wanted us to buy original art work and not just sign stuff we brought. While it would have been cool to own some art work, that isn’t what my collection contains.  I have less expensive tastes.
Ralph signed my DVDs and hinted to the group of us that was gathered around the tabled that there might be a Wizards 2 soon. He had read a plot outline and it ‘wasn’t bad’.  All he would commit to when asked for more details was ‘maybe it will happen’.

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