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Friday, December 21, 2012

Lauren Scruggs Still lolo Dec 2012

I am not one of those that follows the news excessively.  I rarely know anything about current events. Well, let me rephrase that. I rarely know the sensational current news.  I don’t know about the most recent car chases or the suicide mass murders or the latest kidnapping.  If I hear about it, it’s because it’s so pervasive that osmosis has occurred.
Lauren Scruggs is one of those events I had heard about.  Maybe because it was semi local. Maybe because it was so shocking. Maybe because of the remarkable recovery.
I wasn’t sure how many people would come to this signing. I knew Lauren was going to speak but I didn’t want to seem macabre by coming and watching her as she talked about her experience.  I got to the signing just as she was wrapping up. The audience was small. Mostly friends or acquaintances and friends of friends were in attendance.
She didn’t hide. She laughed.  She talked.  She took photos with people.
I got my book signed.  A simple autograph; she printed her name and included a bible verse.
I came away knowing that she is someone stronger than me; whether faith gave her strength or just the crucible of adversity.  I can’t imagine piecing my life together so quickly or even trying to be public.
While this is not the normal autograph I would collect, I’m glad I crossed path with this young lady.


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