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Monday, December 24, 2012

Oliver North Heroes Proven Dec 2012

First Dec 1st was a busy day. I had three signings in three locations I was interested in.  With Oliver North, I needed help as the timing was in conflict with another signing. So I enlisted the one person that would have a hard time saying ‘no’ to my sad puppy dog pouty face – Kae, the wife.
Kae politely accepted the assignment.  She took my advice and got there early; much too early to find out.  The event wasn’t well advertised so a small crowd appeared. The worst part for the lovely wife was waiting with some of the characters that were waiting in line with her.
She heard war stories and boot camp stories. She heard conspiracy theories and overt theories. She tried to be excluded from the conversations but since she was the lone women she drew attention of the fellow attendees.
Since the crowd was light, she was rewarded with personalized copies of the books she bought. This is where it gets amusing.
We bought a copy for ourselves and for her Uncle.  I had informed her Uncle that Oliver North would be in his neck of the woods earlier in the day. I knew her Uncle would be interested but he’s a busy man and collecting autographs isn’t as much of a passion as it is for me.  So I really expected him to forget about the event.
A few days after the signing, I get a package in the mail.  It’s a book.  It’s a signed book.  It’s a signed book by Oliver North and it’s the same one I got for him.
So now I have an extra Oliver North signed book. Do I send the copy I got for him or find someone else to give it to?  It’s not an issue, just the amusing twists that happen when you give gifts.


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