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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Glenn Beck Agenda 21 Dec 2012

 So this was the ‘big autograph’ I wanted on this busy day of three signings.
When I went to the bookstore in the morning I was told it was a first come first served and Glenn Beck would only be signing for an hour.  I was hoping for some wristband or numbering system to help with my planning for another signing.  No luck.
I left and did another signing and did some other stuff and came back to the Beck signing about 3 hours early.  I was 8th in line but not two minutes after I got there about 50 people filed into the line behind me.  I was happy with how early I showed up but now I had three hours to pass. Three hours can be very long when you are by yourself.
You know I’ve met some fun people and some entertaining people and some real bores too as I waited in line.  This line looked to be a bore. The guy in front of me was very loud and evangelical in his conservatism.  Also he was trying to convert the converted.  So he was not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
Luckily I‘m a reader.  Even luckier, I was in a book store.  So I found the book I was reading at home and pulled it off the shelf and started reading.  While it was hard to read with the conversation around me I did make some progress.
About an hour in the wait I felt a tug at my pant leg. A looked down and saw a lady that was sitting in a small folding chair. She pointed at the matching empty chair across from her.  She told me to sit as her husband went to walk for a while. I think he was tired of the conversation too.
We chatted.  And as these things unfold you find you have many things in common. When the hubby came back I gave up the seat and then three of us continued talking.  Surprisingly, we could use our inside voices unlike the fellow in front of us.
An hour or so passed and then Glenn Beck’s security came and scoped out the location.  They informed the store personal that they needed to move the set up to the other side of the floor.  Which meant about 300 people had to be shifted from one side to the other.  Since this was a nice polite crowd, it was done without issues but it was odd.  On the plus side, we got to stretch out legs after waiting 2 hours.
The last hour seemed to creep slowly; too many distractions from reading and conversation as more security came in and reviewed the setup.
When Glenn Beck did arrive he sat and started signing right away.  He had his people surround him at the table. This seemed anti-social but he paused and shook everyone’s hand and told them thank you for coming to see him.  Maybe that was another layer of security.
I got my books and left.  I walked out with the couple that chatted with me.  We thanked each other for helping to pass the time.

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