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Monday, December 31, 2012

Amber Benson SDCC 2012

Everyone knows Amber Benson from Buffy and even though her name is on more than a dozen books the Buffy crowd still thinks of her as Buffy’s little sister.  I’ll admit the reason I wanted her book signed was because she was on Buffy.  In my case, I knew she wrote several books and that she was more than just Buffy’s little sister. ( A reader pointed that she was Willow's girlfriend and NOT Buffy's little sister.  Sorry about. I could use an editor. Thanks for the assist and for reading the blog!)
SDCC will often group together several authors at one table and let the crowd walk past each author and get books signed.  I was in front of another author and chatting.  Amber was just a few chairs down the table from him.  I noticed two teen girls all agog over Amber.  They were so excited they could barely contain themselves. They peppered Amber with a dozen questions and almost squealed with each answer.  From the corner of my eye I could see them alternate from being serious as they asked thier questions to being fangirl thrilled as their questions were answered.
Amber smiled and answered each question. She obviously was use to this treatment.  Since there was no else in line she spend all the time they wanted.  When I finished with the other author I stepped up behind the 2 teens. The fangirls were oblivious and extremely thrilled to have a Buffy actor all to themselves; a captive to answer all things Buffy.
Amber noticed me and gave me a smile. The girls asked a few more questions.  And then Amber wrapped it up for them.  It was smooth and skilled and everyone knew the ‘interview’ was over and the girls left happy and never knew they were dismissed.
I got my booked signed and asked if that happens a lot. She noncommittally said sometimes.  I thanked her and told her I hoped she makes it to the Dallas part of Texas soon.  (Just found out she will be in Dallas for FenCon 10/4/13 to 10/6/13.) I left with my book signed and plenty of time to get to the next signing.

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  1. Sounds like she's an old pro at dealing with big times fans!