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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Daniel H Wilson SDCC2012

Daniel Wilson was someone I was looking forward to seeing.  He wrote Robopocalyse a few years back and it sounds intriguing.  I know the title sounds like to should be a movie on SyFy’s Saturday night line up but the plot is not that campy.
As I got the booked signed I mentioned I missed seeing him in Austin, TX at the Texas Book Festival.  He smiled and took that as a sign I was a big fan.  He asked if I heard about his new book. He gave me a card and the elevator speech on it.
I admit I was I interested.  We ended up talking for several minutes about the plot and what I had seen in the experimental psych lab I worked in while in college. What he was finding out as he researched the plot seemed to be the logical progression of some of our experiments.  We both had our opinions on the future of science and society and how they blend.
It’s always fun to exchange ideas that seem similar. Too often we give bland opinions to avoid confrontation.  We seemed to be in sync and opened up quickly.  I think we both realized we really should be talking at a bar and just let the conversation go wherever it wanted.  Instead we were at ComicCon and others were waiting.
I thanked him for the book and moved along.
Hopefully I’ll see him at a WorldCon where conversations like the one we have are the norm and anyone can join and not worry about the time.

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