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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

James Tolkan – Sci Fi Expo2013

Another alumnus of Back to the Future, James Tolkan was looking at me as I walked up to the table.  He asks about the shirt I was wearing.
James: The 'A'. Does that stand for something? [brief pause] Arizona?
Me:  Yeah. It’s where I went to school.
James: Tucson?  I lived in Tucson. [Said emphatically]
Me: Oh yeah? [Big smile on my face].  Spent 5 years there. Even meant my wife while in college there.
James: Tucson, it’s changed a lot.  I went to Amphitheather High School.  Hear of that? [no challenge in the voice but curious if I really knew it.]
Me: Tucson has changed. And everyone knows Amphi. Big football school. They got a program that almost rivals the UofA. You play football?
James: Yeah, played for Ampitheater. Then got a scholarship for a school called Eastern Arizona State. [I shake my head 'no', as I never heard of it.]  It’s near Safford.
Me: Safford – mining town?  [He nods encouragingly] I’ve passed through Safford. Never stayed.
James: Yeah mining town. But close to Eastern Arizona.
He signed the photo and passed it back to me.  We shook hands and I left.

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