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Monday, February 25, 2013

Lea Thompson Sci Fi Expo 2013

The guys from Sci Fi Expo put together a Back to the Future reunion.  They had 4 actors from the movies including Lea Thompson. 
The line for was Lea was long and I really expected to have to come back the next day for her.  When I was making the circuit through the convention center about 45 minutes later I noticed the line was empty.  I walked over to the volunteer asked why.  I was thinking maybe she was packing up for the day or had to do a panel or something.  The volunteer said that Lea came back early and no one knew it yet.
Well, I wasn’t going to think twice. I walked up and got my autograph.  Lea wore black framed reading glasses, that and her warm smile melted many hearts that day.  I asked if she ever been to Dallas before and she mentioned once for the musical Cabaret.  Who knew she could sing and dance?  All I think of is Back to the Future and Howard the Duck.


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