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Monday, February 11, 2013

Kim Harrison Ever After B&N

I didn’t realize how big a name Kim Harrison was. I knew about her. I’ve seen her name in the stacks forever.  She is a name. She actually brought just as many people into the B&N as Nicholas Sparks did a few nights before.
Kim Harrison did 3 things that I thought were very cool.
First, she has a fan club of sorts. Somehow friends or fans get Tour T’s.  It’s a t-shirt and if you wear yours to a signing, you get a group photo before the signing starts. Pretty niffy idea. As long as your t-shirt lasts, you are a member.
The second bit of cleverness was the bunny cam. It’s a camera that gets passed around the crowd and you can take a photo to share the event with Kim. Since she is busy with the signing, she doesn’t get much time to socialize. Yes, the crowd was warned to keep the photos PG friendly.
The last thing was a chair to sit in as she signed. She is another author that will sign a stack of books so she lets you sit as she signs.
She has hardcore fans.  The Q&A seemed like a scene from Galaxy Quest.  The crowd asked emotional questions and hung on every word spoken.  I admired her honesty in her answers.  I liked she didn’t dance around her ‘dead is dead’ policy. Meaning she is not one to magically bring back a character just because it was painful to kill them.  She killed them for a reason.
Much like the night before, I spent 2 hours waiting in line. Although this time, I didn’t mind as much.  I was still tired and hungry but I think the people watching was more interesting.

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