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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Is it too early - LoneStarCon – World Con 2013?

Is it too early to talk WorldCon?  Ah, no.
WorldCon will be in San Antonio this year. It will be known as LoneStarCon 3. 3 you ask?  Because it’s the third time San Antonio hosted WorldCon.
For those that don’t now, WorldCon is a literary event, meaning no media stars. It is NOT just a big book signing though. This is about the printed word and the authors and fans getting together and interacting.  The interaction is the best part.
Even though it’s too early to see the schedule of panels and panelists, you can look over the Attendee List and see who has registered.  Beside just plain folk like me, you’ll see lots of local sci fi writers and many internationally known writers too.
Some authors that already plan on attending (I didn’t list nearly everyone):
Connie Willis
David Brin
Elizabeth Moon
George R. R. Martin
Gregory Benford
Harry Turtledove
Joe Haldeman
Norman Spinrad
Robert Silverberg
This is why it’s not too early to talk WorldCon. If you aren’t familiar with these people, you have a chance to look them up and read some of their books before the convention.
If you are familiar with these people, you have time to acquire the books you want to get signed.
WorldCon is one of my favorite conventions to attend. I don’t attend nearly as often I want but I always enjoy it and the people I meet.  Besides coming away with lots of autographs, I also discover new authors and books to read which leads to anticipation for the next time.


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