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Friday, February 15, 2013

Leeza Gibbons Take 2 Frisco

Saturday was a busy day for me; a sci fi convention in the morning; Leeza Gibbons in the afternoon; and friends over for cards in the evening.  A lot to do to in a short amount of time.
I rushed from the convention to the B&N in Frisco. I didn’t want to wait and then be so far back in line that I was late for dinner with the friends. I got there about an hour early and was the first one there. Okay, that’s a good thing.
The store had set up chairs.  I had mixed feelings about that.  It gave me a chance to sit but it also meant I was going to listen to a reading.  I’m not big into readings.  I’d rather get my book and get out.
I was in the first chair which meant I was going to be the first in line. Yeah me.
Then they packed up the chairs and told us to stand ‘over there’.  I dutifully got up and stood ‘over there’.  Even though I had to stand, I was also happy because it meant no reading.  oddly no one else gathered behind me.
When the store handed out wristbands, I was ignored and the small group of women that stood somewhere other than ‘over there’ were given wrist bands. Ugh. So I left ‘over there’ and got in line and got my wrist band. Then the group moved to ‘over there’. Double ugh. Since it was a small group of people, being first in line or being 7th wasn’t going to matter much. Famous last words.
Leeza Gibbons arrived and looked beautiful.  I always enjoyed watching her on TV even though I didn’t care about the content.  She greeted the women in front of me like she knew them.  Actually she did.  It was a big happy reunion for the first 5 women in line.
They spent the next 30 minutes talking, laughing, hugging, and taking photos. They had a great time.  I tried not to listen in (I know, such restraint on my part) so I’m not sure what it was all about.  After 30 minutes the manager did come by and asked them to move along as Leeza was only going to be there for an hour.
 Then the lady in front of me walked to the table. I overheard something about - you don’t remember me, do you?  It turned out they went to high school together.  I think even a school yearbook was pulled out, not sure. More laughing and photos and hugs.  Almost brought a tear to my eye…well almost not.
This customer only took 15 minutes. The process was getting quicker.
My turn. I don’t know Leeza. But did she ever give me a friendly smile. She apologized and thanked me for coming out and for waiting. Can I admit I melted a little?  I mentioned I really only watched Entertainment tonight to see how short the skirt and how high the heels would be. She laughed and admitted she didn’t realize that was a popular pastime until after she left the show. I laughed.
I have no idea how long it took for the rest of the people in line.  I had my book though and I wasn’t even late for dinner and cards with the friends.

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