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Monday, March 25, 2013

Aly Raisman Pandora Jewelry Oct 2012

This is one of those times I over planned and under thought. I should have realized most moms and their daughters wouldn’t come early.  The early ones would have been the hardcore collectors. 
Aly Raisman, 2012 Olympic Gold medal gymnast, was scheduled for a signing at Stonebriar Mall in Frisco. That’s my backyard.  I got up early and waited. The store didn’t even have employees in it yet. So I found a chair and sat and read and kept an eye on the front gate.
After a short time a mom and her 2 kids showed up. I figured I didn’t need to leave my chair yet. I had it good. I was sitting instead of standing and I had a book and wasn’t bored.
About 90 minutes before the signing people started trickling in. Then I got in line. The mom and 2 kids that were first in line were old hands at collecting. They had about 15 items they wanted signed. The brought some photos, magazines, and trading cards.  I was happy with whatever photo was provided.
Aly came to the store early. Not to start the signing early but to shop. Being on the road all of the time, I don’t blame her. She looked very different in her heels and black dress than in her unitard.
When she finally sat down to sign, she signed whatever was put in front of her. She didn’t really speak to anyone.  If she was waiting for you to step up or pull out an item she worked on signing a stack of photos at the table.
I asked for a second photo of her. I think she was surprised that I actually asked instead of grabbing.  I told her it was for my sister.  It actually went to the neighbor’s daughter.  The daughter takes care of our cats when we travel and she is into gymnastics.   Saying the photo is for the sister is so much easier to explain than talking about the kid next door and cats.
So sorry Sis, you missed out on this one.


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