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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Felicia Day Dallas Fan Days 2012

Felicia Day has a cult-like following around her; both fanboys and fangirls. Somehow she has reached out and spoken to young adults in a very personal way I don’t understand.
When she showed at Fan Days, I was in line like a 1000 other people. The young lady in front of me walked up to the table and just started crying. She attempted to say something.  Something I’m sure was prepared and rehearsed but instead she started crying.
Not slow rolling tears of joy crying. No sir. This was red faced crying. This was snot running and mouth wide with strings of saliva hanging down type crying.  Felicia quickly walked out from behind the table and hugged the girl.  She didn’t rush her. Felicia patted her back and softly said she should come back in a few minutes.  She told her to collect herself and come straight back.  She would still be here for her.  She told the girl, who was probably early twenties and not a teen, to just tell security Felicia said it was okay.
Felicia turned to her handler and I’m assume to give instructions to handler to make sure it happened but the young lady refused and  took several deep breaths and  through the tears and snot said something unintelligible.
Felicia showed a concerned face and said something I’m sure was mother-like and appropriate.  She hugged the girl again. The girl asked for a photo.  Felicia smiled and said yes but suggested she come back when her face wasn’t so red.  The girl refused and had her red face and tears and snot photographed with Felicia Day.
Somehow I’m sure it was on the young lady’s Facebook page not moments later.
After the crisis, I walked up. I picked out a photo.  I mentioned to Felicia that I thought she handled that well. Felicia said the girl was just overcome.  It happens.  Like that happens regularly.
As I said, she had touched the youth of American geekdom in a way I don’t understand.

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