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Monday, March 11, 2013

Dallas All Con 03/2013

All Con is a small local convention.  It‘s a ‘jack of all trades’ type of convention. It has panels, celebs, Droid hunts, poker tournament, and a burlesque show.
This year I was excited as they were bringing Sylvester McCoy to town.  Being an old school Dr Who fan that really got my blood moving.  They were also bringing in Kathy Coleman.  Another exciting announcement as I loved Land of the Lost as a young teen.
Well Dr Who canceled but Trey Stokes of Pink Five fame was scheduled to attend.  I know.  You don’t know who or what Pink Five is. You SOOOOO need to study up for your NCAT (Nerd College Admission Test) because Pink Five is a classic and worth Googling.
On Friday I took a late lunch and made a mad dash to the hotel that housed the convention. The problem with mad dashes:  you get lost.  I know how to get to the hotel.  Really.  I’ve been there a few times.  It’s not far from work.  It’s close to a McDonalds I habit all too often.  It’s also very close to the wife’s favorite jewelry shop.
There is no excuse for spending 30 minutes lost.  I plead guilty to stupidity.  Ugh.
I found the hotel and rushed in. After a mix up in getting my badge (they assumed I was someone important because I was in my business attire – suite sans jacket), I found the table for Kathy Coleman.  She was talking with another actor and just as I was going to move away to search for Trey Stokes, I felt a tap on my shoulder.  A fellow hound saw me and we ended up chatting for 10 minutes.  Which worked out well as Kathy was still talking to a fellow actor.
The other hound and I both got our autographs. We both posed for a photo with Kathy (on his camera so don’t have a copy - yet).  She was sweet.  While she is 25 years older, you can still see the girl from the series.  When I tried to pass on the photo, she told me I would regret it in the morning. I laughed and gave in.  She made us hunch over in front of a Sleestak head.  Silly, yes.  Iconic, also a big yes. 
After that my fellow hound and I separated.  He got all he was after and I still needed to find Trey.  When I did, I congratulated him on completing Pink Five. With a hesitant ‘thanks’, he said it was ‘mostly done’.  I bantered back, ‘like you need to be doing some editing now instead of talking to me?’ 
With a smile he said no just that the screenings this weekend would help with the final cut.  He asked if I was going to see the screening that night and I said most likely no as I had to get back to work. Which I really did. The late lunch was stretching too long and I know I was going to be missed.
He signed a photo of himself in makeup from Enterprise and rushed back to the office hoping no one missed me.


  1. Sounds like a nice easy breazy experience....

  2. Yes it was. I really did want to see Pink Five though. Another time.