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Friday, March 8, 2013

William Sanderson Sci Fi Expo 2013

Several roles come to mind when I think about William Sanderson. Sebastian in Blade Runner was the first time I remember seeing him.  That’s an iconic movie. I read the book before seeing the movie and was blown away but the story and the details.  I loved the book.  Even though the movie is so different than the book, I loved the movie too.
I also enjoyed William Sanderson  as E.B. in Deadwood.  While it was a western and not the normal sci fi or horror that is usually watched in our home, it was a ‘must see’ each week.
So I went to the Sci Fi Expo on a mission. I needed to get an autograph for myself and a friend.  I got two different photos and I will let her decide which one she wants.  I’ll be happy with either one I get to keep.  But I do get to display both here.
The actor took his time with people but line wasn’t slow. He talked about what ever character you wanted to talk about. The couple in front of me were Deadwood fans. He told them an anecdote.  In mid-telling he stopped and apologized for his ‘French’. He asked the wife to cover her ears.  He conspiratorially looked for any kids and then finished the story with a flurry of expletives.  If you don’t know Deadwood, it was a show that was filled with expletives.  You would be hard pressed to find a minute of footage without an ‘F’ or a ‘C’ bomb.  So to ask the wife, who was a fan, to cover her ears to avoid being offended was a fun bit of fiction.
I handed over the photos and I mentioned I loved Deadwood.  I told him I found the cadence and the dialogue fascinating. He asked if I wrote. I said ‘no’ but I did blog. He responded that was writing and also that explained why I enjoyed the dialogue.  I wasn’t quite sure what he meant but he explained the writers for the show were talented.  They focused on the dialogue more than many shows do.  Since I wrote I could appreciate the talent of the writers.
While I’m not sure how true that is, I was extremely happy to have gotten a chance to meet him and the autographs.


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  1. He was such a great guy, didn't know you were a fan of Deadwood as well!