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Friday, June 14, 2013

Dan Haggerty Texas Frightmare Weekend 2013

The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams was ‘must see’ TV for my sister and me.  So how could I pass up on Dan Haggerty?

You can’t see it very well but beside a great looking signature, Dan included a bear paw print between his name and the character name. I didn’t realize what he was doing at the time. Once the paint dried I could see it. A nice touch.

This one of those times you see the crap that celebrities go through.  In front of me was an older lady. She looked older than me but I think she was much younger.  It looked like she had a hard life and she also had that smoker’s voice and laugh. White trash comes to mind based on her behavior.

She asked for an autograph.  In the middle of the process her kids came by.  The group got distracted and then asked Dan where another actor sat.  I thought this slightly tacky. Dan pointed and smiled as he told them where they can find the other celebrity.  The daughter then asked mom why she was here. The tone openly implied this line was a waste of time and money.

They were about to leave and Dan reminded them to pick up the autograph.  Mom was 3 or 4 steps away from the table when she turned around and asked for a photo. The daughter gave a sigh of frustration.  A camera was fished out of a back pocket.  Dan invited the lady around the table to sit next him.  The daughter directed mom to lean in closer. Mom replied that she knew what to do with a man.   Then she added that this was a man she wanted to do it with.

During the whole thing Dan was pleasant.  I know I would have shown my frustration.  Maybe it was just acting on his part. Maybe he was used to the behavior. Either way, I thought he was classy.


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