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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kitty Korvette Texas Frightmare Weekend 2013

Okay, okay, I’ll admit it. I got this because I thought she looked sexy.

But I did actually know who she was before I saw her in a corset and fishnets.   She is the Next Elvira.  Yes, I did watch that TV contest/reality show.  While I was not engaged intellectually, I wasn’t bored either.

Kitty Korvette was the winner.

She had photos and calendars at her table.  She wasn’t there to sell autographs though. Her goal was to promote her ‘purr fumes’.  

When I asked for an autograph, she willingly did so; for the shocking low price of $7.  Seriously surprised, I asked if I heard it right. I told her that was too low. Unphased she told me for $20 she’s throw in a calendar too.  Okay sure. I wasn’t going to argue with a scantily clad woman.

She signed; I paid.

 We chatted about Elvira and the Next Elvira show.  I hope she was impressed I really knew who she was and not just some booth babe.  I left before I overstayed my welcome.



  1. I almost broke down and did the same thing because I wanted a pic with her.

  2. You should have. Maybe she would have charged but it couldn't have been much as her signature was so low. Next time.