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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jon Bernthal Texas Frightmare Weekend 2013

This simple autograph took me 2 days to get.  A regular odyssey.  I admit, I exaggerate; just so I don’t insult the people that read Homer…

Being a Walking Dead fan, I loved to hate the character Shane that Jon Bernthal played.  He was high on my want list.  Every time I passed his line, it never shortened.  Lines are a constant balancing act. Do you go for the low hanging fruit (short lines) and get a lot done and hope the long line shortens. Or knock off the long lines first and possibly run out for time and not get as much accomplished.

When I finally bit the bullet and queued, the line seemed to have shrunk.  As the time slowly passed, the line didn’t move much. It seemed most of the progress made came from others giving up and leaving the line.

After 2 hours I rounded a corner and saw a fellow hound. He told me he was in line for over 4 hours.  Ugh and double ugh.  My wife had joined me which was great as we could chat and play words with friends and the like.  At the 2 ½ hour mark (which was fairly close to closing time for the convention) our friends told us they were ready to leave.  Since it’s had been a long day, we decided to leave too.

 The next morning I got up early and went to the show before it opened.  I got in line. There were still a lot of people in front of me.  Another hound found me and we chatted for another 2 hours.  It does help the time go by to have company.  Just when we were about to turn the final corner, the line was told Jon needed to leave to do photo ops.

The wind was taken from our sails. The end was in sight but delayed. We figured at least an hour more of wait time. I stood while others sat on the floor.  For me, sitting is tough as it’s hard to stand again. I finally gave up and gave my body a rest.  As is often the case, just as I decide to sit on the floor and relax, we need to get up. Not that many people had photo ops. Which was nice for us.

This time, the line moved fast.  I barely got to table and my money out before he signed.  He posed with me.  Something I usually skip as I’m not that photogenic. This time I figured what the hell.

So here’s the autograph and the photo. I look like such the dork.


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