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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bruce Davison Texas Frightmare Weekend 2013

Bruce Davison was also at Texas Frightmare. He’s one of those actors you immediately recognize but might take a few moments to place.  He’s been on ton of TV shows and you have seen him in more places than you can remember.

I wasn’t expecting him at this show.  He was there to help promote the movie Lords of Salem.  Since he was there I stopped and picked up this photo.  He was friendly and actually wanted to chat.   I wanted to chat back. The one role I wanted to talk about escaped my mind…until now: Kingdom Hospital.  I really enjoyed that show.

You can’t (although many people do) ask the actor for their resume or look them up on IMDB while at their table.  So we never talked about this movie/miniseries.  Maybe next time.



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