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Monday, June 10, 2013

Steve Railsback Texas Frightmare Weekend 2013

Texas Frightmare Weekend is a great show and brings in a lot of interesting guests.  I spent way more money than I should have. It’s nice to splurge now and then.

Most people were excited to see Steve Railsback because of the movies Helter Skelter and Ed Gein. I know him from The Stunt Man and Lifeforce.  Lifeforce is one of those rare books made into movies that worked for me. I enjoyed both the book and movie greatly.

He had some very nice photos at his table but not from either of the movies I liked.  I chose this black and white from Lifeforce and the signature didn’t show very cleanly.

While my meeting with him was uneventful, my friends talked with him for a very long time.  They hit on a topic that Steve was very passionate about. His conversation was very animated.  As I moved on and checked back on my friends, I found the conversation still going and Steve still very animated.

While my encounter was pedestrian, theirs was extraordinary.  That’s the nice thing about going to shows with friends as you experience different people in different ways.


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