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Friday, June 7, 2013

Jim Beaver USA Film Festival 2013

The USA Film Festival also brought Jim Beaver to town.  It seemed natural for him to attend as he grew up in the Metroplex.  All Supernatural fans love him and know him as Bobby Singer.  He’s even gotten my wife to say ‘idjets’ once or twice.

Several of us waited for Jim Beaver to arrive.  We never saw him. We wondered if he just missed him as he wasn’t wearing his baseball cap. He waited until after the movie screening.  We anxiously scanned every face.

Finally someone saw him and as he left the theater. He turned right instead of walking forward to the stairs. He wasn’t waiting for a car to pull up. Very odd, as most actors have a driver.  He was going to take the light rail home or he parked his car with the common folks. This was probably why we missed him arriving. We never looked toward the other parking lot.

We hustled to catch up.  He stopped.  He looked very surprised anyone wanted his autograph. He took his time to sign.  He did a flourish with his hand before he signed each photo; much like a batter or golfer taking a practice swing.  He signed and posed for a few photos.

I was the last. I thanked him and I also mentioned how happy I was to see him in another episode of Supernatural.  Since he was killed off the previous season, it was unexpected.  I asked if he was going to show up in other episodes and said ‘you never know’.


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