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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Stephen Tobolowsky USA Film Festival 2013

Stephen Tobolowshy has played a lot of character parts over the years and when I saw he was also appearing at the USA Film Festival, I was excited.

He was scheduled for Saturday night. I got there a little later than I hoped and my fellow hounds told me he already entered the building. They also told me he was great and I should just go in the theater and track him down.   I was hesitant at doing this.  For me, it’s a little too stalker-ish.  I don’t mind waiting all night outside of the theater but heading inside and tracking down someone was different.  Yes, it’s a fine line.

 Once he’s inside, what are the chances he’ll come out again?  Since I was told no one else had shown up, the chances were good I could catch the rest of the people I wanted as they drove up. I might make this a quick night. With this rationalization in mind, I entered the theater and found him.   

Stephen was a social butterfly. He was talking with everyone and not staying with any group for long.  He looked up and saw me.  It was like he wanted to leave where he was and move on.  He actually came toward me.  Sheepishly I held up my clipboard and photo and asked for a signature.  He smiled and waved me close and quickly signed.

I mentioned how much I was enjoying his character in Californication.  He said they just started filming the new season.  He added that if the first episode is any indication, it was going to be a great season.  I told him I was happy the series was renewed.  I added the last few seasons had ended in a way that I thought the series was cancelled.  He told me that no one ever sure about the next season so they ended the seasons that way on purpose.

We exchanged a few more words and I thanked him.  I didn’t want to over stay my welcome.

As it turned out, he was in and out of the theater all night. He was talking with everyone.  He was stopped a few more times for photos or autographs and he always obliged.


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