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Monday, June 3, 2013

Denise Crosby USA Film Festival Dallas 2013

As I was looking over who might have been at the USA film Festival, I saw Denise Crosby’s name as one of the judges.  I needed her so I found a photo I liked and printed it out.  Since she was a judge, there was no set time to wait for her.  I brought the photo and had it in my backpack…along with a few other photos.  I was hoping I‘d spy her as she was taking a break or leaving.

That was just how it worked too.  As we waited for Amy Acker I noticed Denise.  She walked passed us on the way to the elevator.  My fellow hounds didn’t recognize her so we had a quick debate if that was her or not.  After all, she wasn’t wearing her Starfleet uniform so she didn’t stand out from the crowd as much.  I pulled off my backpack and quickly tried to rifle through the photos I brought.  I don’t find her.

I was the only one with something to sign.  So no one was going to stop her and give me a few more seconds. I felt the flop sweat pour off my face.  I didn’t want to chase her without a photo in hand. By the time she entered the elevator, I still hadn’t found the picture. She left and THEN I found it. Ugh.  Best laid plans and all of that.

So next night I had the photo out and in the ready.  She did come out for a break and I saw her first.  She was talking with some other people so the few hounds that showed up quietly waited.  Someone caught her eye and she turned to us.

She politely signed for each of us. She commented on each item.  She either mentioned how long ago the movie was or how nice of us to remember her very small role.  She chatted and had a few tidbits to bring up about the movie and working on set.

Once she was sure we had our fill she re-entered the theater.  When she left for the night we all waved and thanked her again. She smiled and waved.


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