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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Then there were 3

This has nothing to do with autographs.
Today is the day we put our cat Ringo to sleep. 
He was my PITA (Pain In The Ass). He sprayed. He peed on the carpet (or anything we thought valuable and forgot to put our of urine’s way.).  He chewed on his fellow cat Georgie.  Despite that, he was also my favorite.   He was pretty and friendly.  He didn’t demand a lot of attention.  He had a cute meow that reminded us of an Alien when he wanted some petting.  He never minded when another cat came home smelling of vet.  He groomed anyone that wanted some attention.

My favorite thing about Ringo; he was always there for John.  John is our ‘sick’ cat.  Ringo and John would spend hours sleeping together.  Ringo never minded when John butted his head into Ringo’s side and then settled into a cat nap.  If Ringo spoke, John came running.  They were pair bonded. It was the norm to see the two of them next to each other watching the world outside the window. He was a good big brother to John through all of the ills.
Ringo got sick just a few weeks ago.  We knew at once there wasn’t much hope.  It was quick.  He never seemed in pain. He lost his appetite and didn’t drink. He slowed down and just stayed in one spot all day.  Yesterday he spent the day staring out the window in the computer room.  It’s his favorite spot.  He got lots of love.  John even spent some time sitting with him.  

Thankfully, the Vet made a house call.  His last day was peaceful.  We cried a little; even the Vet.



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  1. Ah, Lew, I'm just reading this. So sorry about your kitty. It's only been a year since we had to let Peaches go. Very tough, but you know when you're doing the right thing.

    Thinking of you and the rest of the mob.