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Monday, May 20, 2013

Whose Line is it Anyway – Majestic May 2013

I found out earlier in the week that Whose Line is it Anyway was coming to town, I only paused long enough to tell the wife before I bought tickets and found a photo on line to print out. The show is one we both have watched for years (both the British and the US versions) and will even watch the reruns repeatedly.  We were extremely excited to see them coming to town.
As we drove to the Majestic Theater we saw the travel bus.  As I looked it over I saw Ryan Stiles, Greg Proops, and Jeff Davis milling about.  By the time we parked the car, they had all entered the building. As I mentioned before, it’s always better to try getting the autographs before the show. If you strike out before the show you still have a chance after the show.
The show was great. Chip Esten was on stage also.  Everyone listed was performing. I had a chance to get everyone to sign my photo.
As the show ended, I rushed out and got to the stage door.  I was the first one there and I was assuming no one got on the bus yet.  As I turned to say something to the wife, Ryan Stiles left the building and walked unto the bus. Ugh I missed him. I literally turned my back for 5 seconds.  I had a feeling he would not being coming out.
Greg Proops exited the building and I asked for a signature. He mentioned I got the b
ack of the theater awfully fast.  I just nodded. I know at times, people leave as soon as the show ends.  I wasn’t sure about this group so I rushed out just in case.
After he signed, he went back in the building. Other fans joined us and waited.  About 10 minutes later Greg came out again and started chatting with people and signing.  Soon Chip came out and was also very social. He spent time with everyone and just chatted.
The last to come out was Jeff Davis.  He introduced himself to me and asked my name. He signed and chatted and posed for photos.
At home, I thought a silver Sharpie would work best on the photo.  After the first signature I saw how wrong I was. Chip brought his own Sharpie and that worked great.  Jeff noticed the silver wasn’t going to work as he started writing and moved his signature to above his head.
These guys were great with the fans.  Someone mentioned that Ryan wasn’t feeling well.  After they had made the rounds with everyone, they got on the bus and left.
So I got 3 of the 4 of the signatures I wanted. The photo is good but the Sharpie color choice was bad.  Next time I’ll do better.


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  1. I never knew you were so fleet footed! That's a real shame about the silver sharpie, I've done it before with black or silver just blending into a photo.