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Monday, May 13, 2013

Amy Acker USA Film Festival 2013

Since I watched all of the Buffy and the Angel episodes, I just HAD to try for Amy Acker.  She was scheduled to do a Q&A for the movie Much Ado About Nothing. It was being screened at the USA Film Festival in Dallas.
The USA Film Festival is very fan friendly and I, along with 4 other hounds, showed up and waited.  My fellow hounds arrived around 5PM.  After another long day at work, I was about to get there around 6:30 PM. 

Somehow we all missed her.  She either got there long before we did or somehow walked right passed us.  So we did what hounds do when they need to wait. We watched the clock and swapped stories.  As the clocked ticked past the point where the movie started, we knew we had a long wait.  Nothing was going to happen until after the movie was over.
Close to 3 hours later, we finally saw Amy Acker coming down the stairs.  As with many actors, she has a presence about her and we knew we didn’t miss her coming in.  She must have arrived earlier than 5PM.  That made for a long day for her too.
She stopped outside the theater and talked with friends.  We patiently gathered and waited for a chance to approach.  She looked almost embarrassed to have people ask for her autograph.  She excused herself from the group and signed and took a few photos with us.
As she walked back to her friends, we left with our photos; a long day done for both of us.

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