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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Danny Trejo Texas Frightmare Weekend 2013

Danny Trejo was the headliner at this years’ Texas Frightmare.  While I was going to this show anyway, this was the big name for me too. 

For years I have seen Danny as a thug speaking with a heavy Mexican accent playing stereotypical parts. Then I saw him in Spy Kids. (Yea, you heard me!  I said it. I watched Spy kids.  I’ve seen the next 3 in the series too. So there!)  And all of the sudden I saw him differently.  I liked him.

Then you learn something about the guy.  He was in prison. He was an addict. He overcame that. He helps other to overcome that too.  Wow, very impressive. How can you not like someone like that?

The line was long for his autograph. He had 2 tables of photos.  The tables were filled with photos of his movie ‘Machete’ or other horror movies.  It was 2 tables of death and destruction and blood but I heard a photo whisper to me. ‘Here, over here.  I’m the photo you want!’  

On the furthest corner of the furthest table was a stack of photos.  Even with my long reach, I couldn’t stretch far enough to pick one up.  As I looked over, the whisper was louder, ‘Yes, Yes! At least, you heard! I’m saved!’

I asked the girl behind the table if that stack was from Spy Kids. She got up and looked.  She nodded yes. I asked her to give me one of those.  The photos cried with happiness.  It was rescued from the horrors of the other photos. It was no longer exiled.  It was safe.

When I got to the front of the line, Danny signed my photo. It was so out of place. He turned to me and said that because of that movie he’s heard ‘Spy Kids’ said in a dozen languages.  People recognize him in that movie and point at him.

Later that night my friend went through the line to get a photo. So here’s the photo of them.



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  1. Danny is a really impressive guy, his life story is just something else. Hellva nice guy too.