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Monday, June 24, 2013

George The Animal Steele Texas Frightmare Weekend 2013

No, I’m not into wrestling.  I do, however, really enjoy the movie Ed Wood.  The movie is insane and supposedly it captures the insanity of Ed Wood.  Much like I got Lisa Marie last year, I needed to get George ‘The Animal’ Steele this year.

He was a thoroughly charming man.  While I had nothing to talk to him about, I found myself chatting for 10 minutes.  Later when I was passing by we would nod and exchange a few more words.  He stopped me a couple of times to help take photos of him and another fan.  

He talked wrestling; growing up; how he was sick on the set and recovering; getting a stadium named after him.  He really was interesting.  I enjoy the conversation and regret I didn’t carry my side better.  His conversations were not exclusive. They were inclusive of anyone that wanted to listen.  

I’m really glad I stopped by his table. I’m really glad I stayed and listened.


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