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Friday, June 21, 2013

Gary Busey and Tom Skerritt Texas Frightmare Weekend 2013

For me and my fellow hounds, Gary Busey and Tom Skerritt were less than impression. The lines went fast and no interaction.

My out of town friends had a totally different experience.

They talked about Buddy Holly with Gary Busey.  As they explained how the movie was important to their dad, he opened up and engaged. They talked for several minutes and he seemed thoroughly to enjoy their company.

Tom Skerrit was the same. As they discussed Tom’s desire  to learn the ‘business’ when he was on the set of Alien he was very open and frank with them.

I took this as a reminder to know a little more about an actor then just his name and a few movies they were in. My out of town friends schooled me in the art of getting autographs.  What they got out of the encounter was more personal and memorable than what I got.  Too often at shows, the focus narrows to quantity instead of quality.

As often as I preach embracing the inner cow, I need to embrace my inner humanist.  I need to think about who I’m facing. For Busey I should have mentioned how the wife and I love the movie Rookie of the Year. Yes, it’s a kid’s movie but it’s fun and entertaining. The point being, the encounter should be more than a sales transaction.


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  1. Great points man, I really try my best to make it a tad more than a transactiion.