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Friday, June 28, 2013

Gates McFadden – Dallas ComicCon 2013

Gates McFadden is one of the few Star Trek Next Generation cast members I still needed.

As I was waiting, I bumped into a fellow hound. We chatted as we moved through the line. It’s always nice to talk to someone you know.

As I got to the table I picked this photo. At the time I didn’t realize how pixelated it was. If fact, Gates commented how they seemed to have copied a ‘dusty’ version of the photo.  Oh well. My bad for not bringing something I preferred.

She was friendly and she has a great smile. Which she showed me when I complimented her on how beautiful she looked with her glasses.  As I said it, I was slightly embarrassed. I tried to say something to show I realized I might have said too much.  She put me at ease with a comment about how nice to hear I thought she looked beauty at her age.

Still slightly embarrassed I thanked her and left.


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