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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Colin Ferguson Dallas ComicCon 2013

Colin Ferguson was one of the big names for me at Dallas ComicCon. I thoroughly enjoyed Eureka and I loved the character of the Sheriff.  Something about his honest and non-genius character was humorous and addictive.  I really hoped the humor that I saw on screen and in the panels was a part of the actor too.

Colin seemed to be a happy puppy.  He talked to everyone. He showed a contagious smile and was full of energy.   He was fun to talk to also.  When I stepped up he shook my hand. I told him I always watched the show.  He did the normal thanks for watching.

Then I threw a curve. I just asked how hard was it to act on the set with all of the distractions. He started to say something about green screen and then stopped.  He sensed that wasn’t what I meant and asked. I told him I meant the females actors.

He laughed and showed me a huge grin. He admitted it was difficult at times.  We chatted some more and I left smiling because he seemed just as likeable in person as on the screen.


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