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Thursday, July 4, 2013

#SDCC – From A to Omega

Re-publishing for the upcoming SDCC

From A to Omega, the recap of my hints and tips and advice for San Diego ComicCon.
These are the links to the previous posts.
Ambulate Nerds Cheat Alpha Cheat Xi
Backpack Observe Cheat Beta Cheat Pi
Camera Poster Tube Cheat Gamma Cheat Rho
Decisions Quiz Cheat Delta Cheat Sigma
Eat Resist Cheat Epsilon Cheat Tau
Friends Stretch Cheat Zeta Cheat Upsilon
Gum Tipping Cheat Eta Cheat Phi
Handwipes Un Cheat Theta Cheat Chi
Ignore Vendor Cheat Iota Cheat Psi
Jealousy Water Cheat Kappa Cheat Omega
Keep Xyloid Cheat Lambda
Lines Yellow Journalism Cheat Mu
Manage Zombie Cheat Nu
Hope you found them useful.
Any updates or corrections are welcome.


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