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Monday, July 8, 2013

Frazer Hines and Ian McNiece ComicPalooza 2013

The first 2 autographs I picked up when I got to ComicPalooza were Dr Who oriented.

Frazer Hines was the second Dr’s companion.  He was nice and we talked about the popularity of Dr Who in the states and the Dr Who 50th anniversary specials.  To me, renewed interest in Dr Who is great but it seems the new fans know nothing of the history or culture that brought the Dr to the point that they are now seeing it. 

Ian McNeice was also fun.  He ‘made’ me pose with him and gave me a cigar to hold up.  He added a quick warning to NOT put it in my mouth.  The thought never occurred to me but I can see where some might need the warning.

It was great to see Who guests. I hope Texas has more visitors from across the pond that have Who connections.


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