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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gary Russell ComicPalooza 2013

Another Dr Who guest was Gary Russell. He has a varied background with Dr Who. Besides writing several Dr Who books, he’s been involved in the radio show, audio, magazine, and the spinoffs (Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood).

Being an author at a sci fi con is hit or miss with books. Sometimes the authors have books for sale at the table, other times they don’t.  To be on the safe side I brought a book.  I bought a copy of the Dr Who – The Encyclopedia from Amazon a few weeks earlier.  I left the cover at home so it wouldn’t get ripped. 
When I passed the bookover to Gary, he paused and looked at it. He flipped it open and nodded to himself.  Not sure what happened, I asked if brought the wrong book. He said ‘no’ and that he just wasn’t sure what book it was without the dust cover so he looked it over.  He continued to explain that the second editions had an embossed cover and this one didn’t.  He pronounced it a first edition (not sure if that is true but whatever) and then signed.

I told him I was Who fan for decades. I felt myself something of an elite fan remembering seeing Dr Who in channel 17 in Philly (not PBS) in 1972. He nodded politely and I realized he really didn’t need to hear all of that. Before I could beat him down any more, I thanked him and moved on.


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