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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell ComicPalooza 2013

I don’t get many artist signatures. Or the few I do get are more because of the name than how much I enjoy their work. Boris Vallejo is an exception. So many of the sci fi books I read as a kid had his work on the cover.

I brought the Ultimate Collection to the show. This was another heavy book I bought from Amazon that was I carrying around all day. By the end of the day I was happy to unload my backpack.

When I got to the show, I saw Boris and Julie sitting at their table.  No one was in line. Hmmm, maybe they aren’t open yet. I bumped into a friend and he recommended I get Michele Rodriguez first thing. So I did. And just as I was finishing with Michelle they were leaving.  Rats!

Are they leaving because no one came to see them?  It happens.  Or were they taking a break. I looked over the table and they did post a sign saying they would be back. Good. I wasn’t carrying a 5 pound book for nothing.

After an hour or so they returned and a line had formed. Several of the people in front of me had bags (note the plural) of items to get signed. I was wondering if I would be in line all day. I took a deep breath and just tried to embrace my inner cow.  This was important to me and if I stood all day in this line it would be worth it. I still had the next day to pick up the remaining autographs I wanted.

Luckily, those bags were for some other artist and some other poor fan would be waiting hours behind these people. But not me and not this day.

I asked both to sign the book. I told Boris how much I enjoyed the cover of the World of Tiers series.  He nodded quietly and told me he was glad I enjoyed them. I really had nothing else to say. I took my heavy book and carefully put it back in my bag to lug around for the rest of the day.


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