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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Alan Dean Foster ComicPalooza 2013

I don’t often get a bunch of different books signed by a single author.  I do make some exceptions. For the most part, I‘ll get one title signed and not try to get anything else signed by the same person.  Alan Dean Foster was one of those expectations.  I made the exception because of the books I wanted signed.

When I was very young I read anything that had Star Trek on it.  I had picked up the complete set of the Star Trek Log books that Alan Dean Foster novelized. They were based on the animated series.  I have kept them since I was kid and they were actually in decent shape.

If you didn’t know that Star Trek has 2 seasons as an animated show, then you aren’t a true Trekkie.  And yes, they are part of the Canon.  Some of the episodes were exceptional good and true to Trek.  And others…let’s back off of that topic.

Over the last few years I have been getting this series signed. I didn’t attempt to get all 10 books signed at once. I did it over 3 different signings. The first 6 books I got signed between 2 different SDCCs.   I was excited when I saw he was in attendance at SDCC about 3 years ago. I dragged along the first 3 books.  Then I was greedily happy he made a return visit the next year to SDCC.  I got the next 3 signed.  This year, I was able to complete the series as he was signing in Houston at ComicPalooza.

Each time, I expect a reaction of surprise or maybe praise that I have first editions in good shape. I can’t imagine he has run across many.  Yet, each time he takes the books and flips them open to the title page and signs. He’s pleasant and doesn’t rush me off.  He’s just not impressed.

Silly me for being disappointed.  Now I have the series signed. I have some bragging rights, some Star Trek creed.  I can now move on to other autographs.


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