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Friday, July 26, 2013

Kandyse McClure and Rekha Sharma Galacticon 3

These were the last 2 autographs I got at GalactiCon.  For Rekha Sharma I was going to get something a little more demure but the female handler was pushing this photo.  I’m assuming the handler was crushing on Rekha.  She was sweet and she didn’t even tease me for getting a photo with so much cleavage.

Kandyse McLure was walking around the floor as no one was at her table. She was wearing a stunning dress that was gathering compliments from everyone.  It wasn’t after I left the table I realized the dress wasn’t as stunning as Kandyse was in it.  Sorry no photos.

I told her I enjoyed her character in Dark Angel.  She smiled. I said I had wanted to see more of the character and the whole beauty and the beast story line.  She said of course she wanted to see more of that too but the show never went that way.


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