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Monday, July 29, 2013

Kat Von D B&N 2013

While I only know the minimum about Kat Von D, I do know she is a big name and that is enough reason to want her autograph. I actually first heard the name Kat Von D when I was standing in line for Nikki Sixx. The nice people keeping me company mentioned her and how the youngest in our group looked like Kat. Which after seeing Kat in person I must agree is very true.

I knew this was going to be a big event and I asked work for some time off in the morning to stand in line to get a ticket or wristband. The store opened at 9AM and the wristbands would be given out then. The signing would be at 7PM that same night.

I got there about 7AM and only a few people were in line. Yeah me.  So I sat in my car and listened to the radio on the morning of April 23rd.

While I was waiting, I texted a fellow hound.  While he couldn’t show up early he was interested and I would get a ticket for him. I also contacted one of the ladies I mentioned above. She also couldn’t make the signing but would love a book.  No problem. I do that all the time.

Around 8AM a few more people started showing up so I left the comfort of my car and got in line. About 8:30 the book store people arrived and before I knew it I was in the store, buying my books, and getting my line tickets.  I was in group A with number 21 and 22. I was out before 9AM and at work not long after.   

It’s always nice when things go according to plan and things run smoothly.

At noon or so I get an email from a hound saying the event was canceled. Yuck. I was able to verify but I still wanted to go to the store that night to find out how they planned on handling the reschedule and the line tickets. 

After work I made the drive and talked to the people at the help desk. They really didn’t help much at all and had no info. They told me I could return my books or wait for the reschedule but there was no date set and it might not occur. They did give one discouraging bit of info. The current line tickets would not be honored.  This meant the time spent was wasted and I would need to take off again from work. Double yuck.

The event was finally rescheduled to May 28th. The better news was old line tickets would be honored.  I had a great spot in line.

Then the new date arrived, I got in about 30 minutes before the start.  My fellow hound and his wife joined me not long after.  We didn’t wait long before we had our books and photos signed (Kat was a willing signer) and our photos taken.

While I was there I was impressed with how at ease Kat with herself and the crowd and the event.  She stood the whole time. The books were handed to her in a stack and she held them in one hand and signed with the other. She gracefully juggled then to work though the stack.  She never paused as she signed the photo I brought.

Then she handed the stack off and took my photo with her.  I told her I was sweaty and she didn’t need to be so close. She paused to take off her heavy leather jacket and with a friendly smile said she was all sweaty too. I felt at ease with our arms around each other as I posed with her.

She does have a certain something, charisma, poise, self-centeredness that must come across the TV screen.  Just in that minute I knew I liked her. It’s something I find remarkable for someone that young.


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  1. Thanks again for the help on this one bud, your photo game out great!